Pause With Me

To fully “be” you need to hit the PAUSE button. Why? Because pausing will allow you to take a step back from your current situation and reflect. The first step is to create a bird’s eye view on your life, on your situation, on who you’re with, on the job you have, and on the feelings that you have cornered inside your heart. You need to stop the noise of your everyday life, and observe. Like an eagle, it is time for you to quietly scan everything that surrounds you and evaluate why it is there.

My Story

I was born in 1964 in a small town in France called Tullins, located about 50 miles away from Grenoble, right at the bottom of the Alps mountain range. At the age of five, I told my parents that I didn’t belong to France and that I had to go somewhere else to live my life. I already had dreams of traveling the world and discovering everything I possibly could. I felt an urge to extend myself beyond everything that was presented to me as it didn’t feel enough.

“Joy, happiness, and the sense of a full life isn’t a destination. It’s a journey you can start today!”

The “creative intelligence” mentality was ingrained in me during my early childhood as I observed my father, uncles, and grandfathers dedicate their lives to building a business that would support hundreds of people. They showed me that hard work pays off, but it pays off the most when you make it work for yourself!

Hard work for others wasn’t enough!

I tried to follow in my family’s footsteps, but it took me 46 years before I actually dared to launch my own business. I worked for others for decades, sitting at my desk, as miserable and unfulfilled as can be.

My first advertising agency was successful until the economic downturn took away everything I had ever known. Because, yes, I had risked it all for the sake of living my dream life. Before I could even think of living my dream, I had to start over and work for others again.

I found myself boxed into roles that I hated. I was kept in a narrow cell that limited my creativity, my drive, and the possibilities that were offered to me. Suffocation is probably the best word to express how miserable I was.

And one day, after working for 6 years for others, I was let go. I said, “NO MORE!” That day, I had made the decision that I would not let anyone dictate my life anymore. I would not allow anyone to restrain me from living the life I’ve always wanted to live. The pain had become so harsh that it left me with no other choice than to take the risk of becoming what I had always wanted to become.

It was time to unleash the dragon, free the beast, and allow my wings to expand to the width that I needed to experience the life that was waiting for me.

I gave myself  permission to be FREE!


Around the same time, my father passed away. My world suddenly changed where the only security that I felt I had was now gone. A father is a protective shield that’s always supposed to be here for you. That was gone. I now knew that I could only take care of myself, by myself. As scary as it was, it also forced me to push my limits, extend my courage and go for what I wanted, as I know understood the meaning of life or lack thereof.

Because I had made the decision to only move forward and to succeed in anything that I would put my mind on, I started to surround myself with people that I wanted to emulate. Simultaneously, I taught myself elements of knowledge that I was lacking, to create a more rounded, more efficient professional.

While refining the weakest points of my being, I became closer to God, serving him by joining the church choir and by becoming a professor at the University of Nevada, Reno where I could help others live their own dreams. That faith that I was working on day in and day out made it possible for me to push down the barriers I had created in my mind. I believed that I had to get rid of my fears, push my limits and experience anything that I could, as long as it was creating a positive impact for myself and for others.

The life of service that I had chosen to live, extended myself to others, gave me powers and strengths that I didn’t know I had. I felt guided by external forces that knew precisely the path I was going to follow. The purpose that I had sought all my life became clearer and clearer. I was sitting on the train that would take me where I was supposed to go, and I had the faith to let it go wherever it needed to, to fulfill what I was always supposed to be doing.

Fear went away, replaced by joy. Fatigue disappeared, replaced by enthusiasm and endless energy.

You don’t have to stick to the life you know. Create the life you want!

Do you notice how society wants to put you in a box? Have you also noticed how restricted that box is?

It sounds a little like this: Go to school. Behave. Get a degree. Listen to your parents. Listen to your elders. Get a good job. Get married. Have children. Work hard. Work hard and work harder.

There’s a reason why depression rises in modern societies. There’s a reason why the suicide rate went up 30% in the last 5 years. The box thinking doesn’t work as it is cornering our hearts and our souls in something that is made of ancient thinking, old habits, outdated beliefs.

If you are a rebel like me, you will never fit in that scheme. You will always feel tired, depressed, unsatisfied and you will also get in trouble as sometimes things will come up, things that people don’t want you to express.

Don’t Settle for Less than What You Know You Can Have!

You may be in a situation where you’re not sure as to you want but I’m pretty sure that you know what you don’t want. Am I right?

This is why I’ve decided to write my book LIFE THE FULL YOU and go out on speaking tours to help you find out what it is you are supposed to be doing in this life of yours.

We all know what we love doing. We all know certain gifts that we have. We all know how we feel when we are in certain situations. Now is to dig deep enough to find out why you are here on earth and what you job is. Because we all have a role to play. But you have to believe first!

What does a happy, fulfilled life look life for you?

Let me help you find that out!

Joy, happiness and the sense of a full life isn’t a destination. It’s a journey you can start today!

I’m pretty sure there’s a part of you that know it. But there’s another part, deeply engrained in you that just doesn’t know, as you may have been told over and over again that you can’t, that it’s not possible.

No Regrets! Live the Full YOU Now!

Books by Catherine Oaks


Single Mom, Broke and Still Smiling

This book is about life and love. It is also about the courage to dare to live without boundaries and to learn how to bounce back no matter what happens to you. Through events the author lived and some analysis of societal and cultural trends, you will be exposed to new perspectives that will help you turn negative experiences into positive outcomes.

Lifestyle and Faith


Where is our world heading? What should we be aware of it to prepare ourselves for major changes? How can we discover our life’s purpose and reach new levels of happiness?
Transcendance will help you shift to a more fulfilling life and give you the tools to become a powerful rebel to impact our society in positive ways and build long-lasting health and wealth.

Lifestyle and Faith

Live the Full You

This book introduces spiritual concepts to help people, specifically millennials, explore and recognize their purpose in life. Throughout the book, Catherine shares how to build confidence in themselves and learn to love themselves in the process. By learning more about God, readers are able to create a more God-centered approach to their lives.






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